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Our service provides landowner clients and Professionals with a ‘One Stop Shop’, reducing the time managing a number of consultants and enhancing the service by co-ordinating the outcomes of often overlapping reports and assessments, delivering benefits in improving the effectiveness of these reports.

Specialists In Reports For Planning Applications

Our work includes providing Contaminated Land Reports, Ecology and Habitat Surveys, Arboricultural and Tree Surveys, Flood Risk Assessments, Water Management Statements, Archaeological Investigations, Topographical Surveys, Noise Impact Assessments, Air Quality Assessment, Geotechnical reporting and more

Planning Applications require a variety of Environmental Assessments and Technical Reports to ensure issues are taken into consideration when determining new Planning Applications. There’s now a myriad of subjects that a planning officer can require more detailed information on, these reports are only usually acceptable when carried out by qualified 3rd party.

So, if you’re looking to make a planning application for a new dwelling, convert an outbuilding or carry out more significant works such as site redevelopment, demolition of existing buildings etc then you will doubtless need to supply some of the reports listed here!

Importantly we’ll ensure our reports are effective in their support for your application wherever possible.

Contaminated land report or survey needed?

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This report is to determine whether contamination exists and our initial report will look at whether 3 tests are met before there is a risk of contamination prior to development.



We produce reports to show harm to biodiversity can be mitigated as the planning process requires any proposed development considers it’s impact on Ecology and wildlife.



We can help you identify whether your land is susceptible to flooding and therefore needs an FRA and highlight issues and proposals to overcome flood risk



All planning applications where trees are on site or fall close to development on neighbouring land are required to submit a Tree Survey to as part of any planning submission.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have used reports4planning on a number of occasions for contamination survey work.  The reports prepared in addition to being competitively priced, are always robust satisfying the requirements of the Council.”

Roy, Town Planning Professional, Warks

“The team were very knowledgeable and aware of local regulations and restrictions. With this it helped speed the planning process, without having to go backwards and forwards between the council.  Our property was a listed building which made planning a little bit more tricky however we were kept in the loop by Mark and his team throughout the process.  Will definitely be using their services again in the future – highly recommend!”

Aadil, Leisure Developer, Leicestershire

“The team really work to overcome obstacles the planners throw up and have helped us to sort permission overcoming tree preservation orders on this site to allow us to develop the new plots”

Developer, Worcestershire

“I have used Reports 4 Planning on numerous occasions over the last few years. They provide a quick and efficient service and the surveys and reports are always concise and well presented. Importantly, the reports are well received by the Local Planning Authorities and any queries raised are dealt with in a timely fashion. With such a wide range of surveys at competitive prices, it is a simple choice for me who to use.”

Sean, Planning & Project Manager

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Whats Happens Once You Have Secured Planning Permission?

Once you’ve secured your planning permission, you’ll potentially have conditions to discharge. We can assist in providing follow on assessments and actual works, such as Archaeology and Historic Building Recording, to discharge those conditions. During construction Building Regulations require certain assessments in order to ensure compliance, for example Sound Insulation & Air Tightness Testing and SAP calculations are needed on certain forms of development.

What is a contaminated land survey or report?

A Contamination Report, also known as a Contaminated Land Report (CLR) or Contaminated Land Survey, provides advice to landowners and developers as to whether there is, or is likely to be, any contamination on a site where development is proposed. Contamination can occur naturally, accumulate over time or be present due to a single event.

Most sites will have some contamination but, in most cases, the levels will not pose a risk. The purpose of the Contamination Report is to identify what contaminants are present and, given the proposed use for the site, whether they pose a risk to human health or the environment.

We want you to start on your project, so promote the best chances of development through our contamination surveys.

Why Have A Report?

It’s an increasing requirement to provide statutory reports and assessments in support of Planning applications. This service is aimed at any person or organisation submitting or considering a planning application, or indeed carrying out a construction project and it’s suitable for Private individuals, Landowners, Developers and Builders alike.